During 1995, Roland and Patti Barnard of Umkomaas in KZN were trained as church planters with New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI). They felt the call of God to plant a new church in Nelspruit that would relate to NCMI.

In October of 1995 the church, then known as the New Covenant Church Nelspruit (NCCN), was launched. The first service took place in a garden flat. Eight adults attended amongst whom were Alan and Daleen Parfitt who are now leading the church. From the very beginning the church grew steadily and soon the flat became too small.

This marked the beginning of an interesting journey through a number of venues in and around Nelspruit, until in 1999 we were given the privilege of being able to use the hall of the Bergvlam High School. It was also in 1999 that the leader of the Covenant Life Church in Benoni moved to Dresden, East Germany, to lead the NCMI relating church there. Roland and Patti moved to the church in Benoni and Alan and Daleen Parfitt were asked to take over the leading of the church in Nelspruit.

We moved into our new building complex on the Barberton Road on 5 June 2005 while the Youth and Children’s church facility was opened late in 2007 and a coffee shop multi-purpose venue was added in 2008.  In 2011 the name of the church changed to Church Unlimited and a second morning service was started.

In 2013, Touzhill Church in White River joined forces with Church Unlimited, launching a new season for us as a single church meeting in multiple venues. Gary and Andra Phillips had come from Glenridge Church in Durban in 2007 to plant Touzhill Church—an initiative completed in partnership with, and resourced by, Church Unlimited. With Touzhill successfully established over a six year period, the leadership of the two churches were moved by God to discuss the possibility of a united effort to better reach the eHlanzeni (Lowveld) region with the gospel. The result was the formation of a single eldership and the incorporation of Touzhill to become Church Unlimited White River.

Church Unlimited continued to minister into both centres until February 2017 when a third congregation was added in Kaapschehoop. We trust that as our faith grows and strengthens, God will make it possible to reach even further afield into the regions beyond us.

Our Name

One Scripture in particular we felt was relevant to us was Zechariah 2:4 which speaks of a city without walls, protected and provided for by the Presence of God. So out of this passage in particular emerged the name - Church Unlimited in Christ. It proclaims that we serve an unlimited God who has poured out upon us unlimited grace and who is worthy of unlimited praise from His church, unlimited in Christ.The city without walls symbolizes us being a community which is outward focused - not contained and only busy with our own needs. It also symbolizes that we are called to be a church that does not have walls between people of different social backgrounds or races or age groups. At the same time it describes us as a church that depends on the presence of God for all our needs and for our protection.